Hal Bergman Photography


Since 2010, Hal has been a part of the team at Jetson Creative, producing the hugely popular application Magic Window for Mac and iOS. Both have received Staff Picks and been featured in the App Store on multiple occasions, and in 2013 the iPad app was shown in Apple's television advertising campaign. 

Magic Window - Timelapse Desktop (Macintosh)

Magic Window for Mac takes Hal's timelapses and turns them into a slowly changing desktop background for the computer. It brings the lights of Tokyo, the national parks of California and rugged Pacific cliffs to your Mac, creating a beautiful and ever-shifting background. When you're not working, screen saver mode continues to show relaxing and fascinating views from around the world. 

Magic Window - Living Pictures (iPad/iPhone/AppleTV)

Magic Window for iPad and iPhone also takes Hal's timelapse clips and turns them into an interactive window on beautiful and interesting places around the world. Swipe your finger across the screen to see the sun set over Florence, or evening fog flowing through an Alpine valley. Combined with relaxing ambient sounds, Magic Window includes a sleep timer and alarm clock so you can fall asleep to a sunset and wake up to a sunrise no matter what your schedule is. The app also includes complete weather functionality supported by Weather Underground.